Garage Door Car Impact Repair in Lakeland, FL

Auto impact garage door repair

If you have backed your car into your garage door or have car impact damage, call our Garage Door Repair Specialists today in Lakeland FL, Winter Haven FL, Bartow FL, Auburndale FL, Polk City FL, Plant City FL, Mulberry FL, Davenport FL, Lake Wales FL, and more.

Whether you accidentally backed into your garage door or your garage door suffered damage from a runaway car, vehicle impact damage does not have to be a disaster. Safe Way Garage Doors is expertly trained in garage door damage repair to get your door & opener working effectively and efficiently. Our professionals can repair minor damage, replace garage door panels, or even replace an entire garage door if the damage is significant.

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Repair or Replace a Damaged Garage Door

Depending on the amount of damage that a car impact has created, Safe Way Garage Doors can offer panel replacement or new garage door installation. If your garage door is over 20 years old, you may want to consider full garage door replacement since finding a match for older doors can be difficult and expensive. Newer garage doors also feature innovative technology like safety sensors, pinch-resistant doors, and energy-saving insulation. If your garage door is still young, our experts can provide panel replacement so you can get the most life out of your newer garage door.

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Repair a garage door hit by a car - lakeland fl

Vehicle Impact Repair

Your safety should be of utmost importance so if there is any damage (no matter how small) to your garage door from a car impact, do not open or close your garage door until professionals have looked it over. Even minor damage can turn into a major expense if not fixed immediately or if a homeowner attempts a DIY garage door repair.

Our knowledgeable team of garage door experts works with all types, makes, and models of garage doors. If your garage door has suffered damage due to a car or vehicle impact, we will assess and solve your issues quickly. We are the Lakeland area’s best choice for garage door car impact repair and garage door panel replacement services. We specialize in residential garage door repair and replacement so we keep our trucks fully stocked for on-the-spot service.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, they have a tendency to fade or lose tension quickly. We do not trust them on our customers’ doors from what we have seen from them. (Source: damsa article: “Historically, some manufacturers have had difficulty with the galvanizing process, since the process can negatively affect the temper and durability of the wire.”)

Unfortunately, NO, you can not open a door safely with a broken spring. Doing so can destroy both the door and opener in one shot. We work very hard to get all our customers doors working again quickly! So give us a call at 863-701-9779.

You do not HAVE to change both, but you will wish you had when the other spring breaks a month or so later. That makes most people unhappy, and we want you to be happy so we normally replace both.

Many garage doors have varied weights and as the door's weight determines the size of the spring determines the price. When you call we will give you a fairly accurate price with just a few questions answered over the phone, so give us a call at (863) 701-9779

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