Garage Door Maintenance in Lakeland, FL

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Trust in the professionals at Safe Way Garage Doors for regular preventative garage door maintenance in Lakeland FL, Winter Haven FL, Bartow FL, Auburndale FL, Polk City FL, Plant City FL, Mulberry FL, Davenport FL, and Lake Wales FL. Call 24/7 for emergency garage door opener repair.

The largest moving part in your entire home is the garage door. In many households, the garage door is used daily and often multiple times per day. If you want to keep your garage door and garage door opener operating smoothly and get the most out of their useful life, it’s important to perform regular preventative maintenance.

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Safe Way Garage Doors has been serving the Lakeland FL area, including Winter Haven, Bartow, Mulberry, Davenport, and all of the surrounding towns and communities for years. We provide superb garage door maintenance to help ensure that you won’t get slowed down by a malfunctioning garage door or opener system. Our expert technicians offer the following preventative maintenance services:

Checking the garage door cables
Examining the auto-reverse and other safety features
Clear and clean the garage door tracks
Checking the garage door for damage, warping, water intrusion, etc.
Tightening up the hardware, including roller brackets and bolts
Checking the garage door balance and alignment
Inspecting and replacing the rollers and pins
Lubricated all moving parts

If you notice that your garage door is squeaking, grinding, or making loud or strange noises when moving, call our garage door experts before a minor sound turns into a major and expensive problem. The best way to get your money’s worth out of your garage door and garage door opener is to have a professional complete regular maintenance on the system.

Because door springs, cables, and other hardware that is attached to the garage door springs are under very high tension, if not properly handled can cause serious injury or death which is why we never recommend that a homeowner perform DIY garage door maintenance. Only a qualified professional following the manufacturer’s instructions should adjust and repair these components.

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Garage door preventative maintenance

Contact the pros at Safe Way Garage Doors in Lakeland FL for your overhead garage door maintenance needs. With our fully stocked trucks, our technicians are typically able to fix all problems on the same day as we arrive. If your garage door opener stops working at any time, call us right away! We offer emergency service anytime you need it!

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If another company told you almost EVERYTHING on your door needs to be replaced, you’re most likely getting taken advantage of. Unfortunately, our industry has a few unscrupulous companies that prey on people’s situations and try to sell items or services for highly inflated prices.

Many times some other companies just want to replace your door, however, we rarely tell our customers it can’t be fixed, we have a saved a lot of customers a lot of money by letting us give them a second opinion, most likely we can fix your door.

Many garage doors have varied weights and as the door's weight determines the size of the spring determines the price. When you call we will give you a fairly accurate price with just a few questions answered over the phone, so give us a call at (863) 251 5900

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