Garage Door Parts & Service in Lakeland, FL

Garage door parts & service lakeland fl

Serving Lakeland FL, Winter Haven FL, Bartow FL, Auburndale FL, Polk City FL, Plant City FL, Mulberry FL, Davenport FL, and Lake Wales FL, Safe Way Garage Doors offers complete service, including parts, for overhead garage doors, and more.

While garage doors and garage door openers are built to last for many years, there will come a time when your garage door or garage door opener stops functioning as it should. Whether you need a full replacement for the door or opener or parts for a simpler repair, Safe Way Garage Doors has you covered. Our technicians are here to help you keep your garage door running at peak efficiency

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Not only are our technicians fully trained & skilled industry experts, but they also drive fully stocked trucks with top-quality manufacturer parts so that you can often receive same-day service without needing to wait for parts to be ordered and delivered. Safe Way Garage Doors is proud to provide the industry’s most innovative products for residential garage doors and can provide repair or replacement for garage doors and openers.

Garage Door Replacement Parts

Our in-stock replacement parts include:

Rollers & Pins
Bottom Seals
Life Handles
Windows & Inserts
Door Panels

Garage Door Repair Services

Broken Spring Replacement
Garage Door Opener Repair
Garage Door Cable Replacement
Panel Repair or Replacement
Garage Door Maintenance
New Garage Door Installations
(863) 701-9779
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Contact the pros at Safe Way Garage Doors in Lakeland FL for your overhead garage door repair parts & service projects. With our fully stocked trucks, our technicians often offer same-day service. If your garage door opener stops working at any time, call us right away. We have a 24/7 emergency garage door repair service.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, they have a tendency to fade or lose tension quickly. We do not trust them on our customers’ doors from what we have seen from them. (Source: damsa article: “Historically, some manufacturers have had difficulty with the galvanizing process, since the process can negatively affect the temper and durability of the wire.”)

Unfortunately, NO, you can not open a door safely with a broken spring. Doing so can destroy both the door and opener in one shot. We work very hard to get all our customers doors working again quickly! So give us a call at 863-701-9779.

You do not HAVE to change both, but you will wish you had when the other spring breaks a month or so later. That makes most people unhappy, and we want you to be happy so we normally replace both.

Many garage doors have varied weights and as the door's weight determines the size of the spring determines the price. When you call we will give you a fairly accurate price with just a few questions answered over the phone, so give us a call at (863) 701-9779

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