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I Heard a Large Bang Come From My Garage!

Once your garage door springs have worn out, the coiled wire will break which instantly releases the tension, causing a loud bang that can actually echo through the house. If you’ve heard what sounds like a massive crash or bomb coming from your garage and cannot figure out what has happened, check the garage door springs. Then call Safe Way Garage Doors for fast repairs!

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All garage doors are equipped with either extension springs which are located on either side of the track and used on lighter garage doors or torsion springs which are one or two coil springs along the wall above the door opening for heavier garage doors. Garage door springs have a limited life span that is measured in cycles. A “cycle” is when your door goes up and down one time. Most residential garage doors are equipped by the manufacturer with 10,000 cycle springs. This means if you use your garage door 4 times a day, every day of the year your springs have an estimated life span of approximately 6.84 years.

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Warning! Don’t Operate Garage Door When Springs Are Broken

Trying to open a garage door with a broken spring can seriously damage, or even destroy, the garage door opener as well as the garage door itself. Call Safe Way Garage Doors to replace broken torsion springs and extension springs on your overhead garage door.

Safe Way Garage Doors Provides Repair Services for Your Broken Garage Door Springs.

Did your overhead garage door suddenly quit going up? Did you hear a loud bang, or a crashing sound coming from your garage? If you did, look directly above your overhead garage door can you will likely see a gap of a couple of inches in between the garage doors springs? See our picture for reference.

If so, you have a broken garage door torsion spring. When a torsion or extension spring breaks, the door will suddenly quit going up. When this happens attempting to raise an overhead garage door with a broken torsion or extension spring can be extremely dangerous to you and quickly damage your overhead door and or garage door opener.

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Car Trapped Inside Your Garage Because of Broken Springs? Call Now for Emergency Services

Torsion springs lift the combined weight of the overhead garage door. Most overhead garage doors in Lakeland, Florida, and surrounding areas weigh between 150 to 600 pounds, and when the overhead garage door springs are broken, the garage door opener cannot lift the door.

Attempting to use a garage door opener to lift a garage door with a broken spring can cause numerous parts on the garage door opener to break or can bend the garage door panels. Sometimes the overhead garage door will come crashing down and severely bend the panels and can destroy anything it comes down on!

If your garage spring is broken or it’s nearing the end of its life cycle, don’t risk it! Call us today and we’ll get it fixed for you on the spot! We offer free estimates so call us at (863) 701-9779.

We Fix Broken Garage Door Springs Correctly, Safely – And Fast!

Attempting to replace or work on overhead garage door springs yourself is incredibly dangerous, and many people have ended up hurt very badly or even been killed by doing so. Please, never attempt to fix a broken garage door spring yourself – only experienced and trained professionals should service garage door torsion springs. In fact, the replacement of garage door torsion springs requires expertise. We use special gauging tools, scales, and computer systems to verify that the garage door springs are being replaced with the correct size and strength of overhead garage door springs.

The correct springs for your overhead garage door are based on the weight, height, and many other variables of your overhead door. There are innumerable combinations of overhead door torsion and extension springs, and the right one must be installed for your garage door. It is crucial to have the correct torsion or extension springs to keep from experiencing many undesirable and costly problems in the future.

Here at Safe Way Garage Doors, we have been replacing overhead garage door springs for over 24 years. Now, that is a lot of experience that you can have confidence in. Let our experts help you today.

If your garage door has the incorrect overhead garage door torsion or extension springs, your garage door opener will quickly sustain serious and costly damage. Also, with the incorrect extension or garage door torsion springs, your door is very likely to come off its tracks and need emergency service. It is truly shocking how many times we have seen other companies install the incorrect torsion or extension springs. Be sure to call us for your garage door spring repairs.

Some companies make false and misleading claims. Claims such as they sell “Lifetime” Overhead garage door springs this is like saying a teenager will always know everything. As we now know, this eventually ends too, many times with the same crashing sound, but they are worth keeping and fixing just like a garage door.

All springs have a limited lifespan. All garage door springs wear out, get weak then break. All of them.

An overhead garage door’s spring lifespan is measured in “cycles.” A cycle is defined as the garage door going up one time then closing one time. This means the wire of the overhead torsion spring is untwisted, releasing the spring torsional or twisting energy that twisting energy pulls on the overhead garage doors cables, which pull up from the bottom of the overhead garage door and lifts all the weight of the door into the air, the garage door tracks, and garage door rollers just guide it. (We measure that in I.P.P.T. or inch-pounds per turn) then when the door lowers, the wire of the overhead garage door rewinds itself again to have the tension or torsional energy stored to lift the door again. Thus, you have completed one overhead garage door cycle.

There are many different overhead garage door torsion springs that have many different cycle lifespans. They can be as low as a few thousand and go up to 40, 50, or even 90 thousand cycles.

Home builders have become very competitive and normally choose the lowest costing door they can get and will have lower cycle springs. The springs that builders install can last as little as around 7,000 cycles, which means the average homeowner could get only about 4 or 5 years of usage before they fail.

A Spring Replacement Is One of the Most Common Repairs That Garage Doors Require.

Safe Way Garage Doors spring replacement experts have the experience and knowledge necessary to quickly and safely perform garage door spring repair and spring replacement services.

Garage door springs should NEVER be adjusted or repaired by individuals who are not properly trained or insured to perform this service. Extreme tension can cause personal injury and property damage. Because replacing garage door springs can be dangerous, contact our pros today.

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Safe Way Garage Doors knows overhead garage door springs, we keep a huge inventory of both stock-sized garage door torsion springs as well as continuous length springs that we cut to size to make higher cycle longer, lasting overhead garage door torsion springs for our customers. High-cycle springs must be calculated correctly, but when done right, they can increase the lifespan of your garage door springs by years, even decades!

Choosing Safe Way Garage Doors Inc., you know your Garage door spring will be the best and done correctly. Our 1-year labor and 5-year parts warranty are there for you should anything fail, unlikely as it may be. We simply refuse to have unhappy customers.

Safe Way Garage Doors Inc. offers both standard and high cycle over garage door torsion springs. Our standard torsion spring usually lasts our customer between 7 to 9 years before the garage door springs break.

If you choose to have us “upcycle” your overhead garage door springs, you can get 15, 20, or 30-plus years of continuous usage out of your garage door springs without any expectation of breaking.

When overhead garage door torsion springs are “upcycled,” it does increase the immediate cost of the overhead garage door torsion springs, but in the long run, your overall cost is reduced by about 50%. The upcycled torsion springs increase in size substantially in order to make them last longer and thus become more expensive.

Safe Way Garage Doors Inc. can manufacture any residential overhead garage door torsion springs in-house with our massive torsion spring wire inventory. This means next to no waiting for your garage door to be back up and running.

We can get your door back up and running within minutes to hours, and if, for any reason, you need to wait a day or two for our technicians to get back out to you, we can temporarily repair your broken spring with a spring block while we work around your schedule.

Please see the blocks attached to the springs in the picture, these are called “spring blocks” and help us to get some doors going back up and down within just a few minutes. We keep these in stock to make sure our customers get the service they need and their doors working in an emergency when they just can’t wait for any additional repairs.

Many people are choosing to replace their overhead garage door torsion springs before they break to avoid the inconvenience of having their cars, lawnmowers, or garbage cans stuck in their garage. If your overhead garage door torsion springs are around 6 to 7 years old in a house that was recently built or the springs were replaced with standard springs within that date range, please avoid the inconvenience and cost of having your cars stuck in your garage most of the time a family spends more money on lost work, daycare, or missed appointments than it would cost just to replace their overhead garage door torsion springs before they break.

Call Safe Way Garage Doors Now to have your overhead garage door torsion springs inspected or replaced today!

We Fix Garage Door Extension Springs

Did your garage door just stop going up? Did you hear a loud bang in the garage? Is your overhead garage door now sitting a little crooked? Do you see a break in the spring that runs along the side of the tracks? You have a broken extension spring. Extension springs are generally used on smaller doors like an 8’ 9’ or a 10’ wide overhead garage door. Extension springs are attached to the bracket that holds the horizontal track to the ceiling. They extend as the door goes down, and with one broken, the door cannot work properly. Typically, one spring is broken, and the other is not; however, you should always replace both extension springs when a garage door extension spring breaks. It is best to understand that both garage door extension springs have had the same number of cycles, and the unbroken overhead door extension spring will be breaking very soon.

Overhead garage door extension springs last, on average, about 7 to 12 years. For most people, you will know you need to replace your overhead door extension springs because one of them will snap. Sometimes, however, when overhead garage door extension springs get older, they can lose their tension, and the spring becomes elongated. This is rare, but it does still happen. Basically, the coils are fatigued, and when the door is up, you can see gaps where the spring is not relaxing properly. When this happens, the spring becomes dangerous and can break at any moment. It is always the right choice to replace the overhead garage door extension springs to avoid the danger they pose of breaking and possibly flying into someone or something. The other problem is weak overhead garage door extension springs can cause damage to the garage door and prematurely wear out the opener, costing more money in the long run.

It is very important that the replacement springs are correct for the weight of your door. Using the wrong size overhead garage door springs extension springs will severely change the proper function and could also cause your garage door opener to break and cost you more money. Replacing overhead garage door extension springs can be very dangerous and, if done wrong, can harm someone using the garage door. Make sure you call Safe Way Garage Doors Inc for years of safe and trouble-free garage door operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Call us right away! We have walked many people through this issue and would love to help you too. Normally it’s pretty simple.

If another company told you almost EVERYTHING on your door needs to be replaced, you’re most likely getting taken advantage of. Unfortunately, our industry has a few unscrupulous companies that prey on people’s situations and try to sell items or services for highly inflated prices.

You do not HAVE to change both, but you will wish you had when the other spring breaks a month or so later. That makes most people unhappy, and we want you to be happy so we normally replace both.

Yes! We can give a free no-obligation estimate for a new door at your home during normal business hours. For repairs, we do not visit your home but can estimate the cost for you based on your description of the symptom and type of equipment over the phone.

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