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Garage doors wind mitigation

What is Wind Mitigation, and Do I Need It On My Garage Door? Is My House Safe From Tropical Weather?

Wind mitigation — or wind hazard reduction — is a standard practice that makes homes more resistant to damage caused by high winds. It also minimizes hazards, such as broken tree limbs, flying debris, broken power lines, ...
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9 reasons replace garage door opener

9 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Every modern home deserves a state-of-the-art garage door opener. These simple mechanisms come with a range of benefits, such as:  Better security  Improved convenience  Remote access from anywhere around your ...
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Garage door repair vs replacement

How to Save Money on Garage Door Repair vs. Replacement

Garage doors are an essential component of any home, providing both security and value to a property. The garage door keeps the belongings stored within safe from intruders and helps ...
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Garage door last longer

Best Tips to Make Your Garage Door Last Longer

If you’re planning to have a new garage door installed or have your opener system replaced, one thing you’ll want to consider is the differences between overhead and wall-mount openers. ...
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Garage door lightning

Garage Door Lighting

When installing a garage door to increase the curb appeal of your home, don’t forget about garage door lighting. That's an important tip from us, your local garage door repair ...
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Diy garage door repairs

DIY Garage Door Repairs

Is a do-it-yourself (DIY) garage door repair simple enough if you’re pretty handy around the house? Perhaps. Some springs, a few nuts, and bolts...what could possibly go wrong? Plenty! This ...
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