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Tips for Replacing Garage Door Openers in Lakeland, FL

It isn’t often that you need to buy a new garage door opener for your Lakeland home. Garage door openers are built to last for ten to fifteen years and may last longer. When it is time for a replacement, what type you choose is important for both safety and convenience. We hope that this guide […]

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Important Questions for Lakeland Garage Door Repair Companies

The garage door is not just a convenience; it is a necessity for many homeowners. When a garage door isn’t functioning correctly or at all, it is understandable to want the problem resolved as quickly as possible. However, not everyone who claims to be a garage door repair technician has the necessary experience to make […]

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Our Best Tips to Make Your Lakeland Garage Door Last Longer

A well-made, properly installed garage door will last for many years. That's important for Lakeland homeowners who want to get the most out of their garage doors. New doors garage doors can average well above $2,000 for the door and installation. Yikes! There are some interesting insights at Home Depot and This Old House. The image […]

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How to Check Garage Door Balance, Lakeland FL

Garage door balance is one of the issues that needs monitoring if you want to enjoy continuing operation of your garage door system. That can be super important for our Lakeland and Polk County customers. You will ensure greater longevity of your automatic garage door opener as well as a greater level of safety with […]

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When Should Lakeland Homeowners Replace Garage Door Openers?

Every day millions of people use their automatic garage door opener when leaving or entering their home. In fact, garage door openers are such a popular convenience that it is installed in nearly every garage. Most likely, your Lakeland home has one or two in the garage (one for each door). And since they can last up […]

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Get a Heated Garage in Lakeland, Florida

Nobody likes to enter a cold garage on a winter morning — or at any other time. Even in Lakeland, Florida it can get cold during our shortened winter season. But can you get a heated garage door here in Lakeland? Sure. Keeping your garage warm during the cold months isn’t difficult if you follow these […]

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Best Tips to Make Your Lakeland Garage Door Last Longer

If you’re planning to have a new garage door installed or have your opener system replaced, one thing you’ll want to consider is the differences between overhead and wall-mount openers. Here’s a little about both of these garage door opener styles. Overhead garage door openers Overhead openers are attached to the ceiling of the garage and include […]

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Garage Door Lighting in Lakeland Florida

When installing a garage door to increase the curb appeal of your home don’t forget about the garage door lighting. That's an important tip from us, your local garage door repair experts in Lakeland. And the outdoor lighting fixtures you choose can have a dramatic impact on your home during the day and night. The […]

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DIY Garage Door Repairs in Lakeland Florida

Is a do it yourself (DIY) garage door repair simple enough if you’re pretty handy around the house? Perhaps. Some springs, a few nuts and bolts...what could possibly go wrong? Plenty! This is a case where looks can be very deceiving and downright dangerous. Lakeland garage door repair technicians are trained professionals. While they may […]

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What Can I Do If My Lakeland Garage Door Photosensors Stop Working?

Garage door specialists are most often called upon to help with one particular problem, and it’s related to an important safety feature. When the photo eyes or sensors of an automatic garage door become misaligned, the garage door won’t close. The inability to close the garage door has been a source of frustration to countless Lakeland […]

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