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garage doors wind mitigation

What is Wind Mitigation, and Do I Need It On My Garage Door? Is My House Safe From Tropical Weather?

Wind mitigation — or wind hazard reduction — is a standard practice that makes homes more resistant to damage caused by high winds. It also minimizes hazards, such as broken tree limbs, flying debris, broken power lines, ...
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Garage Door Last Longer

Best Tips to Make Your Garage Door Last Longer

If you’re planning to have a new garage door installed or have your opener system replaced, one thing you’ll want to consider is the differences between overhead and wall-mount openers. ...
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Garage Door Lightning

Garage Door Lighting

When installing a garage door to increase the curb appeal of your home, don’t forget about garage door lighting. That's an important tip from us, your local garage door repair ...
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Check Garage Door Balance

How to Check Garage Door Balance

Garage door balance is one of the issues that need monitoring if you want to enjoy continuing operation of your garage door system. That can be super important for our ...
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Photosensors stop working

What Can I Do If My Garage Door Photosensors Stop Working?

Garage door specialists are most often called upon to help with one particular problem, and it’s related to an important safety feature. When the photo eyes or sensors of an ...
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Heated Garage

Get a Heated Garage

Nobody likes to enter a cold garage on a winter morning — or at any other time. Even in Lakeland, Florida, it can get cold during our shortened winter season. ...
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