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When installing a garage door to increase the curb appeal of your home, don’t forget about garage door lighting. That’s an important tip from us, your local garage door repair experts in Lakeland.

And the outdoor lighting fixtures you choose can have a dramatic impact on your home during the day and night. The best outdoor lighting should provide enough ambient light for security at night but also create an impressive backdrop that highlights your beautiful home and garage door.

Standard floodlights that light up your home like a football field can detract from your curb appeal. Consider the following tips for increasing your curb appeal with Lakeland garage door lighting:

Measure Your Garage Door

The first item on the list before selecting your garage door lighting is to measure the available wall space around the garage door. This will tell you the maximum amount of space you have to work with to ensure the lighting you choose will fit the space. Typically, you want some “white” space around the lights and the door to create a balance. So, the light fixtures should consume no more than half of the available space. If space is tight, installing light fixtures on either side of the garage door is another way to increase curb appeal.

Select Fixture Style

Once you have the measurements, you’re ready to select an appealing garage door lighting fixture in a style that will enhance the exterior of your home. There are many exterior lighting choices that will offer the desired appearance and produce an ambient backdrop to illuminate your handsome garage door to increase curb appeal during the day or night.

For example, choose a modern-style garage door lighting sconce to complement a contemporary single-family home with a one or two-car garage door. Or perhaps a classic seagull style is your lamp of choice to round out a cape cod or barnyard theme that looks impressive above carriage house-style garage doors. There is even a selection of stylistic bronze lantern outdoor lights for a more traditional old-world appearance that is ideally suited for single, 2, or 3-car garage doors.

Choosing an Outdoor Lightbulb

Generally, lightbulbs are not included when purchasing light fixtures. When choosing exterior light fixtures for the garage door, be sure that they are durable, rated for outdoor use, and do not exceed the maximum wattage for the light fixture. Most outdoor light fixtures are rated for a maximum of 100 watts.

The best type of outdoor bulbs is weatherproof LED lightbulbs. They are energy-efficient, durable, and will last up to ten years or more, requiring less frequent bulb changes. However, some garage door light fixtures require specific types of lightbulbs, such as a medium 60-watt incandescent bulb. You will need to check the light fixture specifications to determine the type of bulb you will need.

Also, exterior light fixtures certified Dark Sky compliant by the International Dark Sky Association are fully shielded and designed to minimize glare at night while still providing the ambient lighting effect you desire.

How Many Light Fixtures You Will Need?

Finally, determine the number of garage door lighting fixtures you will need. For a single garage door, one light fixture should suffice. Double-door garages will generally require two fixtures mounted above the doors.

And carriage house-style garage door may require three light fixtures to achieve the desired lighting effect. Now all you need to do is to install your garage door lighting fixtures, insert the bulb, and marvel at your home’s exquisite appearance.

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