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Check garage door balance

How to Check Garage Door Balance

Garage door balance is one of the issues that need monitoring if you want to enjoy continuing operation of your garage door system. That can be super important for our ...
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Garage door photosensors stop working

What Can I Do If My Garage Door Photosensors Stop Working?

Garage door specialists are most often called upon to help with one particular problem, and it’s related to an important safety feature. When the photo eyes or sensors of an ...
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Install pet door

Install Pet Door in Garage Door

Thinking about installing a pet door in your Lakeland garage door? It might not be a bad idea. By installing a pet door in your garage, you and your pets ...
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Get a heated garage

Get a Heated Garage

Nobody likes to enter a cold garage on a winter morning — or at any other time. Even in Lakeland, Florida, it can get cold during our shortened winter season. ...
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Automatic garage doors

Important Questions for Garage Door Repair Companies

The garage door is not just a convenience; it is a necessity for many homeowners. When a garage door isn’t functioning correctly or at all, it is understandable to want ...
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